Prof. Dr. Kadir Murat ALTINTAŞ

Prof. Dr. Murat ALTINTAS

Bolu Abant İzzet Baysal University / Üniversitesi

Medical Threat Intelligence and Cyber Attacks

After completing high school at TED Ankara College, Kadir Murat ALTINTAS received his bachelor's degree from Gazi University Faculty of Engineering-Architecture Department of Industrial Engineering, M.A. from Hacettepe University Faculty of Management Department of Business Administration and his Ph.D. from Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Business Administration respectively. In 2012, he obtained the right to use the title and authority of Associate Professor at Finance by the Interuniversity Board as well as in 2017, completed the academic stages in the same discipline from Abant İzzet Baysal University and received the title and authority of Professorship. During his academic career, Prof. Dr. Altintas hold various administrative duties where he worked as a master engineer at ASELSAN. Having many published research books and scientific articles scanned in international indexes, Prof. Dr. Altıntaş still continues on security and intelligence studies.